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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

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The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Shouldn’t it be a place you find soothing and relaxing? Maybe your bathroom is outdated, or you’d like to add some modern touches to make it feel more inviting, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on remodeling. The good news is you can make some quick, inexpensive changes to update your space this weekend. Check out these budget-friendly ways to spruce up your bathroom and create your own spa-like retreat right in your own home.


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Depending on the size of your bathroom, a quick coat or two of paint is a cheap option that can be done in a few hours, yet completely transforms one of the most overlooked rooms in the house. Choose a cool, breezy shade of light blue or gray for a soothing environment.


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Metal accessories are one of the first things people notice when they enter the bathroom. Rusty, stained, or gold hardware can make a bathroom look outdated. Fortunately, hardware is inexpensive and easy to swap out. Consider updating your towel rods, toilet paper holder, and cabinet knobs in a coordinating finish to give your bathroom a fresh new look for minimal cost. Choose a finish such as brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze for a modern, classy upgrade.


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Transform the look of your bathroom in minutes simply by switching out the towels and bath mat to a different color. Look for luxurious, plush towels to add texture and an inviting feel to your space. Another option is to buy linens in four different shades—one for each season—and change them out seasonally so you don’t get tired of one look.


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Make your bathroom your spa oasis by adding beautiful landscapes, flowers, or other images that relax you. Give your bathroom a personal touch by adding pictures or mementos from loved ones. Framed vintage maps or posters add a touch of whimsy.


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Harsh mini-blinds or heavy floral drapes give a dull, dreary look to a small room. The bathroom space should be light, airy, and renewing. It’s the first and last room we visit each day! If you have windows in your bathroom, it can be hard to find the perfect cover for them. Sheer window panels offer a bit of privacy with a spa-like feel. Look for a crinkled texture for added dimension and visual interest.

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