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A Deeper Clean- The Holistic Approach to Hygiene

When we think of hygiene, we think about daily showers, brushing our teeth, shaving, applying deodorant, and simply feeling cleaner and healthier. We often overlook the mysterious ingredients we can’t pronounce on product labels and we don’t think twice about the hazardous chemicals lurking in our shower water like Chlorine and Fluoride that cause health complications such as respiratory distress, thyroid damage, and pineal gland calcification. These chemicals are often what dries the skin out and worsens many chronic skin and lung diseases. This is why you may often step out of the shower with itchy skin or coughing. These chemicals irritate asthma and burn the nostrils and eyes. Clean, healthy water shouldn’t burn the eyes and cause so many undesirable reactions in the skin. Just imagine what these toxins are doing internally day after day. Studies show persistent exposure to the amount of Chlorine in shower water definitely isn’t a good thing and there are many serious health risks associated. Skin is the largest organ in the body and serves many very important functions, so it’s vital that it’s cared for properly.

What if there’s an entirely new meaning of clean you haven’t experienced? A true clean with no hazardous toxins or health risks, and only natural nourishment that protects and repairs. You can experience that type of deep clean with a high quality filtered shower head. If the irritating effects of shower water aren’t obvious to you right now, you’ll quickly notice the difference when you start using a filtered shower head. You’ll begin noticing a difference in everything from your hair and skin health, to the air you breathe as you shower. Purifying your shower water of toxins using a filtered shower head can decrease and prevent the risk of bladder and kidney cancer, birth complications, asthma flare ups, damaged mucosal lining of the respiratory tract, and decrease immune system and liver damage greatly. Along with all of the toxins in tap water, a shower head filter will also remove dirt particles coming from pipes and grimy fungus and bacteria that often rains down from shower head buildup- not exactly something we want to be showered with, right?

When switching to a filtered shower head, consider purchasing an aromatherapy shower head for a whole new world of rejuvenating holistic benefits. Who wouldn’t rather inhale uplifting aromatic essential oils with countless natural benefits instead of inhaling harmful toxins into the lungs on a daily basis? Since warm air and water helps to open up the lungs while you’re showering, it’s very important to make sure you’re filling them with nourishment, not highly concentrated toxins.

When choosing a deeper healthier clean by upgrading to a filtered shower head, be sure to do your research and make sure you choose a shower head that removes both Chlorine and Chloramine or choose one that contains Vitamin C. This is extremely important, as many shower head filters don’t remove Chloramines and this chemical is often found in the water supply. Chloramine, a toxic blend of Chlorine and Ammonia, is even more harmful to the body and lungs than Chlorine. Vitamin C is the best natural way to successfully and efficiently remove Chloramines. While Vitamin C can of course be a difficult thing to add to shower water, one state-of-the-art filtered shower head, the Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower head, comes with pre-made essential oil infused Vitamin C cartridges to make it a piece of cake.

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