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2017 Cutting-Edge Hotel Amenities: 5 Innovative Additions that will set your Hotel Apart from Competition and Earn you Endless Repeat Customers

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Travelers are always looking to be impressed when searching for a hotel to book a stay in. They’re hoping for an excellent hospitality experience and the newest, most impressive, innovative amenities. To stay on top in the hotel industry, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the newest most innovative amenities available that will set you apart from other hotels and make your customers eager to come back. With these cutting-edge hotel additions, you’re sure to be leading the hotel industry by a landslide.

Aroma Sense Shower head

Relaxation is what many guests are searching for while booking a stay at a hotel. A shower is something guests will be partaking in daily during their stay so you’ll want that experience to be a superior one. A state-of-the-art Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower head will purify your guests shower water, emit negative ions, and surround them with the pleasant aroma and health benefits of essential oils. The Aroma Sense shower head’s exclusive spray plate design will emit mesmerizing pressurized streams that will make their shower experience a soothing and memorable one.

Smartphone Service

There isn’t much that cannot be done on a smartphone and hotels are catching on to this desirable trend. With a special hotel app, guests can now have the power to control their hotel experience in the palm of their hand with their smartphone. Guests can control everything from when they check in to their room to room service. More advanced hotel apps even give guests the ability to use their smartphone as a TV remote or control room temperature.

Keyless Entry App

Your guests will no longer have to worry about losing their key card! Mobile app entry lets your guests gain access to their room with their smartphone alone. More and more hotels are beginning to offer this keyless entry app as an option for guests with smartphones.

Outdoor Attractions

Outdoor attractions are becoming just as important and competitive in the hotel industry as many indoor amenities. An attractive landscaping, followed with modern outdoor fun is always a plus for guests. Incorporating hiking trails, fitness centers and activities such as golf, swimming, and tennis are sure to spark the attention of guests and add convenience and excitement to their stay.

Hotel-Side Restaurants

Everyone enjoys a nice meal and it’s long been known even the convenience of a good breakfast can sway a traveler’s decision when choosing a hotel. One of the biggest updates in the hotel industry is adding several hotel-side restaurants. This gives guests a selection of fine food choices and a true dining experience. Beautiful cutting-edge hotel-side restaurants, lounges and bars are fun for guests to explore and offer a wide variety of food choices. While replacing traditional room food service and delivery, these innovative hotel-side restaurants are without a doubt quenching guests thirst for something new.

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